Thursday, July 26, 2007


Yes, after many weeks in beautiful, and hot as hell, Balkan countries I'm back up north to cool me off!

Monday, March 5, 2007

What can I say? I'm a lazy bastard,that's what I 'em! But after many days of inactivity I'm back (again) in saddle! YIHaaa! The weather is still shitty and coffee tastes like cold mud but otherways everything is ok! Yesterday I watched Akira, it was really god to watch this old timer again (retro totally)!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Robotech Is Back!

Yeah, my first February entry is on the way! I recently obtained info that Robotech part 2 is on the market and that brought the memories of Robotech 1 from 1985 (I think) + episodes ! I even remembered the name of the Nemesis of human race, Zentraedi (giant evil aliens, what a surprise)- that tried to capture, over and over again - throw the numerous episodes, big spaceship-robot (Transformers effect obviously) with a city (?!?) (Macros City or something like that) inside! Well as a 9,10 year old I thought that this was a masterpiece of a Japanese anim(e)ation and I watched with devotion every episode! It would bee really kick-ass if I could obtain (I'll try) a second part!

Monday, January 22, 2007

And so it begins

Yep, spring term has finally began and with it first snow too (Snow at the end of January?Yeah, I know - totally crazy + unexpected)! What new adventures in the world of science, fraternities and deep conversations over cheap beer awaits El Ernesto under this term? Well, time will show! I only know for sure that I will continue my boycott of actually baying literature but loaning (for FREE! Kick Ass!) it in the university library instead! It's economically acceptable and at the same time I support the work of the libraries! Can it be better, can it?!? Yes, it can - libraries can pay me to loan their books - but I'm quite sceptical about that happening in the near future - thouw it's a good idea (idlest I think so :-D!

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Storm, Again!

Shit, after fuckin' "Gudrun" storm here comes stupid "Per" all over Scandinavia! I knew it, after the temperature in January hit 10C Gods wanna have their payback! Big time!No electricity, fucked upp woods, etc,etc....but if this is the price for hot winters,so be it!

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Lolek and Bolek Extravaganza

Lolek (the tall one) and Bolek (dude with the big head, to the right on pic) were one of my favourite cartoons when I was a boy (yeah, a smaller version of me in the past)! This Polish cartoon was quite popular in the 70-is and 80-is in the Eastern (back then even socialistic) Europe and in a couple of countries outside (trivia: Lolek and his compadre Bolek were the only cartoon that WASN'T banned in Iran on the telly immediately after Islamic Revolution, under the 70-is! Why? What a hell do I know!) butt it "died" 1986, what a pity!Well, all god things come to an end! Big Cheers for all Bolek & Lolek fans out there in the depths of cyberspace!

Sunday, January 7, 2007


Well, I was pleasantly surprised by a postmen today (no bills this time - kick ass!), he dropped a postcard (check out the picture/postcard on the left) from my old buddy Paek Nam Il, he's a crazy Northkorean dude with a strange custom of drinking/mixing/eating a dark (stout) beer and rice (?!?) - a couple of days ago he went to north Korea to some cool north Korean summer vacation town (the name is something like a: "People's Revolutionary Youth Vacation Centre" or something and it's like free! Even food and staff) on the shores of a Chinese (or as they say Korean) sea!Here comes a part of his text from a postcard: "Hey, Comrade Dude! Wazz up!?! Here's totally kick ass man, I mean check out the view from my window man!I took I picture from my window and scanned it in a local Internet club (Internet is also free!crazy, I know!) and made a postcard from it! Anyway - here's my list: Beer: AAA, Fan: AAAA, Clubs:AAAA, Beach parties:AAA!!! Se ya men - wish you are here!"

P.S. the content of this letter is approved by the Ministry of National Security and Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Youth of Democratic People's Republic of North Korea